final exam 5/22

capture 47capture 48capture 49

I first made the background so I could have somewhere to put the ball, I then put some column things so I could extrude some of the edges. I then made the desk and tv and tv stand and poster so it would be less empty and while I was going I was texturing my place. I picked the colors I thought would be cutest. I got the ball texture though online so yeah lol. But yeah that’s kinda it besides the fact that I animated the ball. While I was writing this I was letting my picture render so it’s below this paragraphcapture 50.PNG


5/17 final project

capture 43capture 44capture 45capture 46

The first three pictures are just of everything and the fourth one is rendered and then there’s a playblast of the actual animation

I basically made the kitchen, plate and button and textured all of those things (not the pancake or making it) and animated the pancake as well as putting lights up so yeah